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Coconut Cleansing Powder - Dry Shampoo

Missio Hair

Coconut Cleansing Powder - Dry Shampoo


Make yesterday’s style today’s! Formulated with natural oil-absorbing powders, this little miracle will soak up oil, refresh your style and add light volume to any hair type. With the natural uplifting scent of coconut, grapefruit and a hint of mint, you will fall in love! Green Tea and Bamboo powders soothe, condition, and promote a healthy scalp.

Note: This is a non-aerosol powder mist. Can be applied directly to scalp with a simple puff, or powder can also be squeezed directly into hands and worked into scalp with fingertips.

2.3 oz powder mist
All natural
Sulfate Free
Paraben Free
Phthalate Free
Safe to Use on Color Treated Hair
Natural powder blend: corn, rice, tapioca starches
Vitamin B3, Bamboo and Green Tea Powder- helps with maintaining healthy scalp, and promote hair growth
All natural (coconut, grapefruit, mint) fragrance