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The Dream: 

Côte’s story starts in the faraway land of Charlotte, NC, the banking capital of the East Coast. Andie was a tax and audit intern striving to make her way up the corporate ladder with a dream of owning a business. Abby was an executive assistant with an entrepreneurial spirit and a dream of finding a sustainable way to move back to the east coast she loved so much. Enter Morehead City, NC. Abby had spent 4 earlier years working in this small beach town and wanted so much to move back. After a few girls’ weekends at the beach, Andie also fell in love with the town, as well as for a local boy and his golden retriever, Khaki. So they took a leap. With not even an inkling of a job prospect, they quit their 9-5 corporate jobs and moved to the beach. A dream come true.

So there Abby and Andie were. Enjoying the salty air and sandy toes by day, and heading to the local bars in their cover-ups and cut off shorts by night. They were head over heels for this beach life that they had always dreamed of. Taking odd jobs to make ends meet, but always finding time for yoga, kayaking, or walking their dogs on the beach. It was magical, however, their city roots immediately took notice of one small issue with this beach life. The shopping. Yes, there were beach shops filled with Billabong and Rainbows, but where was the Nordstrom, the Anthropologie? They had to drive 2 hours for the closest shopping? No way. There had to be a way to get the brands and styles they loved into this town they fell in love with. One night talking via text about this very problem, Côte was born. Andie’s style: Flowy tops and relaxed silhouettes. Abby’s style: Structured outfits with simple details. So they combined them and named it Côte (pronounced like 'coat'). French for ‘Coast’ to pay homage to this new place they called home and to combine the East and West Coast styles they each loved so much.

But that’s not the end of their story. Owning a boutique wasn’t just a way to fix their shopping problem and an end to their odd job search. It was a way to make a difference in their local community, because why make money if you can’t give it back in some way? They were all in to make a name for themselves in this small town. Two passions that stood out to them: Ocean Conservation and Women Empowerment. By teaming up with local human trafficking and environmental groups, Côte has grown into not just a clothing boutique, but also a tribe of boss babes serving the community every single day.

Abby and Andie not only own Côte, they live the Côte lifestyle every day. Côte babes are adventurers who follow their dreams! They pick up everything and head to wherever their hearts lead them. Be it the NC beaches, mountains, or the plains in between. They throw their Côte over their bikini, under a winter coat, or style it with their worn in jeans and sandals. Côte goes everywhere with them. We hope you love your Côte as much as they do!

Wherever your Côte takes you, we want to see! Use the hashtag #wheresyourcote so we can keep up with all of you babes. 


bisous (kisses)



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