Yes, we're already thinking about Spring over here, and while you may think it's WAY too early, it will be here before you know it! And since we tend to buy a whole season (or two) in advance, we already know what trends are going to be huge, which ones we will be loving, and which ones will have us saying "thank u, next."

We put together our list of trends, fabrics, and colors that you will be seeing this Spring and what you can expect from us! Because, we're definitely not set on all of them just yet... so you babes need to help us decide what to buy!

Trends for Spring 2019: 

1. Biker Shorts - Chanel wasn't the only designer to rock biker shorts on the runway during Fashion Week, but they sure did it the best! We've already seen celebs catch on to this comfy trend, but we're not so sure if we are ready for it in the store! Will you babes be jumping on this trend? Let us know in the comments! 

Chanel runway Paris fashion week for spring 2019

2. Crochet - And not your usual "boho chic" crochet you're already seeing. Crochet for Spring 2019 will be an elevated version giving off some serious 70's vibes, which we can always get behind. Think vibrant patterns and colors for this new take on crochet. Oscar de la Renta had a great take on a crochet maxi dress and you can definitely expect a version or two here at Côte! 

Oscar de la renta for spring 2019

3. Feathers - Designers were not afraid of feathers on the runway, giving a major forecast for all feather everything in Spring 2019! Now we're definitely down for feeling fancy no matter the occasion, and feathered accessories may very well make their way here, but we're not so sure if feather tank tops and dresses are very practical for the beach! We still love a ruffle though, so get ready for some bold silhouettes in the Spring! 

4. Earth Tones - Monochromatic earth tones were a designer fave, and you know we love a good neutral! And it's not just one, it's all the sand, khaki, tan, and cream you could ever ask for. Obviously, we will be hopping on this one... not to mention the utility style will also be a trend... Get ready for some chic safari vibes as seen on Gigi Hadid for Fendi. 

Gigi hadid for Fendi spring 2019

5. Punchy Prints - we already mentioned we were going bold with ruffles next season, but prints are also going to be huge! And not just one print; mixing prints is definitely going to be a trend! Stripes, polka dots, scarf prints (yes, straight from the 70's), even mix and match fabrics! Now we're not going as bold with mixing prints, but you can definitely expect some florals you've never seen before inspired by these Zimmerman colors and ruffles. 

Zimmerman runway for spring 2019

Now there's a whole other array of colors that we can go over like Living Coral, Fiesta Red, and Aspen Gold, but I think we're going to save those for another blog post focused just on color trends and how to wear them! Which of these trends are you loving and how much of them do you want to see at Côte? Make sure to follow us on our social media where we make polls and ask questions specifically so you guys can choose what we buy! 

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