When you hear the phrase, "give him the cold shoulder", you tend to think of a girl ignoring a man's pursuit. And, that was all fine and dandy. But, as of Spring 2017, the phrase takes on a whole new meaning! The "cold shoulder" is the newest and most expressive fashion trend this season. From runways around the world to department stores nationwide, the trend has quickly taken off. Elle Magazine quoted the trend as a "shoulder reminiscent of your favorite '80's dance flick." The Washington Post published an article detailing the "it" pieces that come into trend and that "with the bare-should look, there are signs that they've hit the mark." We have definitely taken note and added this trend to our store in numerous versions and styles. You can get the Sabine or Sophia dress with a full cold shoulder look. Or, if you want something a little more subtle, you can opt for a style like the Hallet top which has full sleeves, but just the shoulders peeking out. Any way that you dress this look, you will be sure to make heads turn!


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