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How To: Live with more Gratitude

How To: Live with more Gratitude

Well, November crept up on us and the holiday season is rapidly approaching whether we're ready for it or not! (we're getting there, but definitely leaning toward NOT ready!) Although the holidays are our busiest time of the year in retail, we love to take a minute and remind ourselves what they're all about. Gratefulness seems to be a strong theme when the holidays come around, being thankful for your family, your friends, your health, anything. So we want to expand on this theme and make November a month of gratitude! We will be posting weekly on our social media channels something we are grateful for, and we encourage all of our babes to do the same and to keep us accountable! 

Living with gratitude has been scientifically proven to have a LOT of benefits! It helps to improve your psychological and physical health, strengthens relationships, helps with sleeping, and improves self esteem! We've rounded up our 5 favorite ways to incorporate gratitude into your everyday life without starting your own journal (which if you search 'gratitude journal' on Pinterest, will give you tons of ideas!) Maybe we will save that for another post, but for now we are starting small. 

1. Reverse Bucket List. The most 'list' like way to incorporate gratitude in your life is by writing down your reverse bucket list. In other words, instead of daydreaming of things you would like to do before you die, write down a list of things you've already accomplished! It's so easy to come up with ideas and open up your mind to all the places you wish you could go and see, but a reverse bucket list requires your mind to shift. Your reverse bucket list doesn't have to be a list of grandiose things either, it can be something as simple as "learned to knit" and that's a great accomplishment! By writing down your own personal accomplishments, you can feel gratitude toward these things and look back on with pride! 2 of our biggest accomplishments would be 1) starting our own business and 2) taking a leap of faith and moving to the beach. What would your top 3 accomplishments be on your reverse bucket list? 

2. Say Thank You. You may think this seems like such a simple task, but instead of just mumbling a "thanks" at the Starbucks counter, actually mean it! Maybe make some eye contact? Make the effort to sincerely offer a thank you to your coworkers, your significant other, even your grocery bagger. Instead of just saying 'thank you' offer up a reason you're thanking that person such as "thank you, I really appreciate your help" or "thank you for doing that chore that I really hate doing." Your words have such a huge impact on how you feel, wouldn't you rather fill your thoughts with positivity? We will be making the effort to thank someone everyday for the month of November, we hope you will too! 

3. Daily Gratitude. Before going to sleep at night, instead of thinking about all the things you have to do the next day, think about everything you are grateful for that happened that day! What was your favorite part of today? Can you make it a conversation with your spouse? Or dinner time chat with the kids? Try to be specific with your answers too! Instead of "I'm grateful for my job" ask yourself why? "I'm grateful for my job that lets me get home to my family every night" or "I'm grateful for the people I get to serve while working" whether that's making them feel beautiful in clothes, repairing a roof, or doing someone's taxes! Little shifts in your mindset like this can make a world of difference on your self esteem and your mental health. Dr. Alia Crum gives a great TED Talk on how your mindset changes all facets of your life and gives some mind blowing studies on this topic! Watch it here to learn more. 

4. Enhance your Small Talk. We do it every day with our coworkers, customers, and when meeting new people. How's everything going? How was your weekend? And usually it's a 'good' and then we move on. We're missing a huge opportunity to really connect with people. Let's start asking meaningful questions, and it's not that hard to start! Monday morning instead of "how was your weekend?" ask your coworker "what was the best part about your weekend?" When meeting someone new, instead of asking what they do for a living, ask them "what's something going on that you're excited about?" They don't have to be heavy hit questions like "what are you grateful for?" They can be simple, and you can really get to know someone rather than knowing that their weekend was 'good'. Ask one person this week what they're excited about! See where that conversation takes you. 

5. Download an App. Since we're already on our phones so much, why not take up a digital journal or a mindfulness app to help give you a reminder to take a minute every day to feel grateful? There are so many gratitude and mindfulness apps out there now, it's easy to find! Our favorite for guided meditation is Headspace, you can set it to as low as 3 minutes a day if that's all you want to start with. The app is free to start with so many free meditations, or you can upgrade to get even more!  Other apps to help you journal or give you inspirational quotes every day are 'Grateful' and '365 Gratitude'. Both of these are free and give you daily prompts for you to think and write down in a journal or just to read over. They give you prompts such as "what are you looking forward to?" and you can even track your moods for the day. Add pictures of things you're grateful for each day, and you have your own scrapbook of memories and accomplishments! How cool to look back on when you're feeling down. We are setting a daily reminder on our phones to write down one thing we are grateful for for the month of November, we challenge you to do the same and see how you feel after one month! 

Would guys like an updated post in December on how our month of gratitude went? Let us know in the comments! Feel free to reach out to us too here or on social media and tell us how you're incorporating gratitude and how it's going! We want to know! 


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How to wear Fall's trendiest color, Marigold!

How to wear Fall's trendiest color, Marigold!
If you haven't already seen it all over your social media, let us be the first to tell you! Marigold, that orange-y yellow color you would normally never think to put on your body, is THE color for Fall. Yes, it's true. Fashion Bloggers are quickly scooping up all the Marigold accessories, coats, dresses, etc. and they are styling them like pros! If you haven't jumped on this trend, that's okay! We're giving you all the styling advice on how to wear the color of the season with confidence! We will let you in on a little hint: it's ALL about the color choice. 
fall 2018 marigold and blue color scheme by Côte Boutique
And the first rule with color blocking, you can't go wrong with complementary colors. Marigold, an orange shade, is opposite blue on the color wheel so they will always go together! You can start this trend off easy by finding these colors in a stripe, as seen in our frequency v neck thermal, or go with a blue sweater and add marigold accessories like earrings or a purse, or vice versa! However, don't be afraid to go bold! Marigold is everywhere, find a long marigold coat and pair it with our bright blue Southside Thermal and a blue plaid scarf! Keep your shoes neutral with a brown or black and don't forget to accessorize! Shop our fave pics for our 'Marigold and Blue' scheme below: 
free people southside thermal in blue available at cote boutique   free people frequency v neck thermal available at cote boutique  free people calico trapeze dress available at cote boutique
marigold and emerald fall 2018 styled by cote boutique
Fall means it's time to break out the jewel tones! If you follow our blog, you know quetzal (another take on emerald), is also trending this season and we are obsessed with both. Hence, why we LOVE to mix them! If you're keen on making a statement, analogous colors are the way to do it! Colors next to each other on the color wheel easily blend into one another so this isn't the first time we've seen green and yellow paired, and it definitely won't be the last! Go bold by pairing a Marigold dress like our Loren dress with an emerald (or olive) jacket. Or go a little more subtle by pairing our Sibley Sweater Dress with a marigold clutch and earrings. Break up the color clash by pairing a denim jacket (or any other neutral color like tan or cream) over your dress! Shop our favorites of this color scheme below: 
buddy love sibley sweater dress in army green at cote boutique  4sienna loren dress fall 2018 at cote boutique
fall 2018 marigold and black styled by cote boutique
The easiest way to introduce the Marigold trend into your wardrobe is by pairing it with blacks and browns. Give your wardrobe a pop of color with our MinkPink Daisy Mesh Top with colored daisies paired with black pants and accessories for an easy put together look! You can also pair it under a jumper like our Valerie Pinnie Dress to make the sleeves stand out! We're also obsessing over our marigold Venice Bohemian Mini with a subtle floral pattern with pops of brown and red. This one is super easy to wear because all you have to do is throw it on and head out! If you want to tone down the pattern, you can tuck this one into a brown pleated midi skirt or denim mini if you need a more casual look. Shop this color scheme below:
minkpink daisy mesh top at cote boutique  xix palms venice bohemian mini at cote boutique  minkpink valerie pinnie dress at cote boutique
Which color scheme is your favorite? 
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Fall colors that will surprise you

Fall colors that will surprise you

Today we are discussing your “not so basic” colors to incorporate into your Fall wardrobe this year. Everyone loves a good rust, mustard, and plaid for the season, which are ALL great choices! But we want to give you babes a little more options in choosing your clothing this season, and maybe you want to experiment a little! Well in these colors, you will definitely be turning heads. So to get right on it, here are our top 3 colors that will surprise you for your Fall wardrobe and how to incorporate them, no matter your style.

1. Emerald Green

Fall 2018 unconventional colors free people trapeze dressWe know army green, olive, and camo are huge for Fall wardrobes, but why not take it a little bit further with Emerald? This surprising color was all the rage back in 2013 as Pantone’s color of the year, but we feel it’s time for a comeback! Not only does emerald evoke feelings of calmness, serenity, rejuvenation, and being one with nature, it is also the color used to align the heart chakra. Located in the center of the chest, the heart chakra is the wellspring of love. Who doesn’t want to radiate love and warmth while looking fierce in their favorite Fall piece? Our favorite emerald piece to incorporate into your Fall wardrobe is the FreePeople Calico Trapeze Dress! There’s so many ways you can wear this dress! The laser-cut lace along the neck and bottom hemline gives it just a girly enough feel, but pair with a leather jacket and boots and you can still look cool girl chic. You could totally go with a more “basic” look paired with a denim jacket and cognac or nude booties. And if you’re a little sportier, or like to just look chic while running errands, a pair of white vans and a cardigan wrapped around the waist is a great “on the run” look! Whether your style is more NYC or Cali girl, you can make both work for you in this dress.

 2. Pale Pink

Fall 2018 colors unconventional wrap skirt

Everyone is always looking for ways to transition their clothing to different seasons. No one wants to have to keep all their clothes in the bottom of their drawer just to get lost when the next season comes along. We have seen a trend of designers straying away from the “conventional colors” the past few years like when pink was all over the runway for Fall/Winter back in 2014, but we can always use a little reminder that color does NOT determine season! Pale pink is one of those colors that actually go well with a lot of Fall colors, even if it is not itself considered one. While pink is the color of romance and femininity, when styled right, pink can have some edge. Think army green jacket, pale pink basic tee, and dark denim. What’s even better is if the pale pink already comes with those colors! Our Twirl Wrap Skirt is our favorite Fall transition piece because it has a daisy pattern mixed with mustard yellow, grays, and greens to easily pair with an army jacket and booties for Fall. If you’re more into the cozy look, throw on an oversized cardigan instead! Another, but more subtle way to incorporate this color, is to find a pattern that is a more conventional Fall color, but has pale pink shades in it! Our Dolly Smocked Dress is great for that because it comes in a sage green with pale pink flowers, but when a cardigan and sneaks are paired with it, it’s instantly a Fall fave! However you incorporate this color, don’t forget the number one fashion rule, OWN it honey.

 3. Coral

Fall 2018 unconventional colors minkpink button dress coral

One of our favorite colors for summer was Coral! It’s so flattering on so many skin types, and is just a fun and flirty color! Coral creates warmth and because it is derived from the ocean, we had to have it here at the beach (duh)! Not only does it remind us of the sea, it is also used to protect against negative energies, who doesn’t need that every now and then? Incorporating coral into your Fall wardrobe is super simple! Whether it’s an all over coral like in our Kindred Button Dress or incorporated into a pattern like our Fever Mini Dress, transitioning these into Fall is effortless. The Kindred Button dress is the perfect dress for the season because its tee style is casual enough for pumpkin picking, but can be dressed up for date night as well! This dress would be so FIERCE paired with trendy white leather booties and a black denim jacket for a night out, or if that's not your style, pair her with white sneakers for a more casual, everyday look. Mini dresses like our Fever Mini are another great item to transition into Fall with just a little bit of effort. An over the knee boot is the perfect way to get a mini dress into next season with a cropped cardigan! Whatever your style, coral is a color to not shy away from this season.

 Fall 2018 unconventional colors

Which color are you dying to try this season? Whatever it is, don’t let the season define your color palette this year, be BOLD! Life's too short to not be unapologetically you, so wear what you want when you want, and don't apologize to anyone for it! 

We want to see you try out these unconventional colors. Tag us in your pics and use #wheresyourcote to be featured on our Instagram page!

Follow us on all our Pages: 

Bisous babes, xxx


Abby & Andie



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Could you be a French It Girl? The Answer is YES

Could you be a French It Girl? The Answer is YES

We've definitely got a thing for the classics. And Parisian Style is just that. The effortless jean and tees, the relaxed sense of it all. There's something about the French It Girl that we love so much. Maybe it's because Paris is where fashion started. Maybe it's because we've looked up to French Designers like Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Christian Dior for our entire lives. Either way, the French It Girl always comes across as cool, confident, and chic. We can't pinpoint exactly why we love it so much, but we are definitely inspired. 

We keep seeing the same rules for French style such as 1) keep your palette neutral with earthy and rust colors. When doing color, stick to classic colors like navy and red. 2) stick with simple patterns like polka dots, gingham, and small florals that will always be in style. 

Whether your French style icon is Brigitte Bardot or newbie Thylane Blondeau, attaining French It Girl status is easy with this killer wardrobe! Keep reading for our choices of the French It Girl staples and how to incorporate them into your own wardrobe, then shop our favorites directly from Côte. 

1. Straight Leg Jeans

free people stella indigo jean available at cote boutique

A basic tucked in Tee with lived-in straight leg jeans are a classic French style that can easily be incorporated into your own wardrobe. The easiest style to pull off when you're in a fashion rut (it happens to all of us). Find a vintage tee in the bottom of your drawer and tuck her in to some chic high waist jeans. Go for a minimalist look paired with loafers, or dress her up with a bold heel and velvet bag.

Shop our fave pair here: 

Jean Stella Skinny Indigo - Free People $78


2. Summer Dress

A long bold pattern is the essence of a French It Girl. The best part about the dress being the star of the show? Minimal accessories is key for this look. Throw on your favorite handmade gold pendant (like our Coin Necklace) and you're good to go. You can easily throw on a denim jacket and some white sneakers for a more modern look, or go simple with a bucket bag and cat eye sunglasses. 

Shop our fave Midi here: 

Caldasi Midi Dress - Free People $128

3. Patterned Dress


French Girl style is a classic, and polka dots are equally a classic. You can never go wrong with a simple print that never goes out of style. Simple details like buttons and a pendant necklace are great for a chic look. Or channel your inner Chloe Bleinc and pair with bold booties!  

Shop our fave tee shirt dress here: 

Kindred Button Front Dress - MinkPink $98

Some other must haves for attaining the French It Girl style are espadrilles, gold jewelry, a straw boater hat, and a good bucket bag. So pick your faves and incorporate them into your own wardrobe and never worry about being out of style.

Show us how you style your own pieces by using #wheresyourcote and be featured on our Instagram! And don't forget to have fun while putting your Parisian style together. Keep up with us on all our social media platforms below! 

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Bisous babes, xxx

Abby & Andie 

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How to Layer Jewelry like a Pro

How to Layer Jewelry like a Pro

layering handmade jewelry available at cote boutique

Minimalist jewelry is trending (and good thing too) because we've stocked up on brand new simple jewels that can be worn alone or layered to make a statement. If you have followed us for a while you know our jewelry holds a special place in our heart and we are always making room for more in our teeny store. All of our Purpose Jewelry is handmade by survivors of human trafficking and goes toward building new sanctuaries around the world where women can work, get an education, and other tools they need to recover and make their way back into society. Our newest collection from Purpose Jewelry was handpicked by us to make layering a breeze, keep reading for tips and tricks on how to layer our newest line of jewelry and get the most out of your pieces! 

layering handmade jewelry available at cote boutique

1.) Use necklaces of multiple lengths. The best thing about having simple jewels from this collection is that you can dress them up with pieces you already own! The key is layering necklaces of different lengths. Start with our Coin Necklace (top) that can be adjusted to be short or long with a longer pendant necklace of your own like our Audrey Necklace (bottom). We love to stay consistent with the round pendants for layering! This look is great for a casual day out, but is nice enough for a girl boss meeting for that side hustle! 

layering handmade jewelry available at cote boutique

2. Mix Textures. Let's talk bracelets. Layering bracelets is so easy when they're simple and fun like our 14K Gold Costa Bracelet. Feel free to go bold on the wrist, we added our Stone Bracelet in rose to add some subtle color and texture to the wrist. This could also easily be paired with a chic watch with gold accents or some thicker gold bangles. Playing around with texture is key when sticking with the same metal. Try something hammered with something engraved, or high polish with something matte. The possibilities are endless! We've also styled all these layered pieces with a simple earring like our Rise Studs that have a smooth finish with just a touch of shine! The simpler the better when you're working with a lot of different pieces. 

layering handmade jewelry available at cote boutique

3. Stick to one metal. Or similar metals. Our Purpose Jewelry Collection is made up of 14K Gold and Brass metals that can easily be mixed and matched depending on your budget. We also have silver versions mixed with Rhodium that can be stacked and layered for our silver babes! You can see adding a choker to our already layered coin pendants, can easily make a statement necklace out of your everyday simple items in your jewelry collection! 

So start getting creative babes... How are you going to style yours? Tag us on Social Media and use the #wheresyourcote to be featured on our Instagram! We love seeing how we can help style our babes! 

Follow us on all our social pages to cure that FOMO by clicking the links below: 

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Until next time babes, 

Bisous, xxx

Abby & Andie 

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Tutorial: How to wear Boyfriend Jeans

Tutorial: How to wear Boyfriend Jeans

It's almost Spring Cote babes! We have so many exciting things happening this month at Cote, such as debuting our Spring Lookbook for you guys! We are shooting tomorrow with our amazing ambassadors and photographer and we are just giddy about getting you guys all the Spring styles we are LOVING! Follow along on our Instagram stories tomorrow to meet the Team! We've been working SO hard to pick the best items for you guys and we will start rolling them out on Monday! Can you say Easter dresses anyone?  (we may have a few dresses coming out PERFECT for the occasion.. thanks pastel trend!) Not only are we getting you guys a gorgeous lookbook this month, we're also planning some amazing collabs that we are so excited about! March is going to be a good one guys, and not only because the first day of Spring, St. Patty's Day, and our amazing owner Abby's birthday is this month! 

So, we wanted to share with you guys one of our favorite trends this Spring, boyfriend jeans! But a lot of you babes have been wondering, how do I wear these? I've always been a skinny jean girl, how do I make that transition to a looser fit? Boyfriend Jeans should be a staple piece in any wardrobe because they look great with literally. everything. Basic tees, chunky sweaters, girly blouses, sneakers, booties, heels.. told ya. Our Just Black 'Not Your Boyfriend's Jean' are the perfect introduction to the boyfriend jean, the slimmer cut and dark wash help to create a slimming effect as opposed to the light, looser cuts. Here are some easy ways to rock these jeans this season: 

girl holding puppy with laid back look off the shoulder sweater and boyfriend jeans

1. Laid Back Look (Puppy not included) - One way we love boyfriend jeans is with a loose fitted sweater like our Marseille Balloon Sleeve. You may think at first "no, I'll just look frumpy." We're here to tell you, you're wrong. The way to pull off a loose sweater with a boyfriend jean is to tuck in the front or side of the sweater and roll the cuff of the jeans.. Cuffed jeans help to elongate the legs and the tucked in sweater helps to frame the figure and draw the waist in. Off the shoulder also helps as seen on Layn! How cute is her little pup? Back story, him and his brothers are all adoptable pit bull mixes at Misplaced Mutts out of Newport, NC! We were able to spend all day with these little love bugs, and they are SO cute! 

off duty buddy love marco tie top and just black denim boyfriend jean

2. Off Duty - The roomy silhouette of boyfriend jeans pairs effortlessly with girly tops like our Marco Tie Top! Structured tops create a balance in your look like you deliberately wore loose fitting jeans, as opposed to throwing on pants that are slightly too big. Luckily, our jeans still have a tight fit around the waist and hips and are true to size to hug your curves before giving you a looser fit in the leg. A cropped tie t-shirt gives you the perfect off-duty weekend style paired with some sneakers and sunnies! Shop the look here

 girl on steps just black denim boyfriend jean white crop and blue trench

3. All Trenched Up - Can you ever go wrong with a classic trench coat? In this case, definitely not. If you're looking for a simple, classic style to take you from day to night, pair a trendy top with your boyfriend jeans and add a structured trench to balance out your look. Don't forget to accessorize with a chunky sandal, hoop earrings and maybe a statement necklace to really dress up the look! Shop the look here


ultra femme girl wearing embroidered blouse and boyfriend denim

4. Ultra Femme - Like we mentioned earlier, boyfriend jeans go with literally. everything! So even if you want to dress up your look, a buttoned down blouse and a simple heel can be oh so chic! The embroidery trend is still going strong, and adding a feminine detail paired with a boyfriend jean is the perfect way to style your Spring look! How cute is this for your Sunday brunch?! Shop the Crystal Top here and Boyfriend Jean here

We are SO ready to style our boyfriend jeans this season and can't wait to help you style yours! Stop by our store off Arendell St. and we can help you style your look so you can feel confident when you leave! I mean that's what we are here for babes. We may sell clothes, but if you can look in the mirror and love what you see, we have done our job! Thanks to all of our amazing babes that support us each and every day. You the real MVP's. 




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