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Steal these Paris Fashion Week Street Styles

Steal these Paris Fashion Week Street Styles

If you hadn’t already gathered by our French name, blog posts on how to attain French style, and our ‘bisous’ sign offs on each post, we are inspired by all things Parisian! Our dream would be to be able to attend Paris Fashion Week in person and see all the amazing shows from Chloe to Chanel (did you see their gorgeous Chanel by the Sea show? *swooning forever from that one). So as you can see we are having major FOMO this week and what better way to cure that than to write all about our favorite street styles from the past week and break down each look to show you how to style just like the experts!

So while we keep watching in anticipation of all the runway looks to get inspiration for styles to give you, you can be strutting the streets like you just came off the runway! Let’s break down this first look:

 1. Julie Sarinana

 sincerely jules paris fashion week street style 2018 how to by cote boutique

The first look from blogger, Sincerely Jules (if you can’t tell she’s a fave for us!) is this gorgeous asymmetrical hem dress. Just want to preface this first by saying that by now, we are definitely past the “browns and black don’t go together” phase. Please dump that thought into the pile of useless fashion rules along with “you can’t wear white after Labor Day.” Fashion is all about creativity, and that’s one reason we are so drawn to it. If something makes you feel good, wear it. Confidence and some smart styling is all you need to rock a look!

Asymmetrical hems aren’t going anywhere and we love them because they remind us of the fun salsa dancer emoji (amirite?). They’re fun, flirty, and feminine, which is why Julie has juxtaposed this dress with a menswear inspired blazer. Parisian style rule number 1: Always juxtapose. If something is too feminine, add some masculinity and vice versa. Julie has even gone one step further with her tough ankle booties featuring a silver chain at the ankle. This definitely helps to take away from the femininity of the pretty floral dress and one reason we love her style! She’s finished off her look with a small structured studded bag to bring out the silver chain in her booties. Just goes to show that accessorizing is key when pulling off a look like this. Stick with the same metals and keep it subtle. Want this style for yourself? Check out how we styled our newest Gillian Dress with items from our own closet to achieve a similar look! 

buddy love gillian dress styled by cote boutique in beaufort north carolina


2. Song of Style

song of style paris fashion week 2018 street style broken down by cote boutique

Okay, let's break down this look put together by Aimee Song of the blog 'Song of Style.' First, her style is so out there and different but she always looks chic so it works for her. Like we mentioned earlier, confidence is the most important accessory! Second, we need this look like yesterday and luckily, this one can be easily attained. The white button down blouse is a wardrobe staple for Parisian girls. It can be paired so many ways and is so versatile that it should be a staple in yours too! So take the one you have hiding in the back of your closet (or take bae's dress shirt) and you've got the perfect blank canvas to start on. Aimee styled her menswear inspired dress shirt underneath an oversized sweater which looks so effortless and chic! Parisian style rule number 2: pay attention to the layers. Too many layers, and you can look bulky, so this cashmere sweater is the perfect layer to keep it simple.

She has also juxtaposed her oversized dress with some statement over the knee fitted boots. Notice a pattern with French style? Juxtaposition is a big one. Now you don't have to splurge on these Chanel boots (although they're amaze), but any over the knee boot can make a statement! Just make sure they're more fitted if you're going with an oversized dress or sweater, that way you won't look too bulky.

Another way Aimee has styled this look like a Parisian pro is by using minimal accessories. French girls like to keep it simple, so choose one or two accessories and stick to those! Style your own sweater dress for Fall this season with our own Sibley Sweater dress. A great blank canvas that you can get lots of looks from! 

buddy love sibley army dress styled by cote boutique at unc chapel hill

3. Danielle Bernstein

danielle bernstein paris fashion week street style 2018 broken down by cote boutique

Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What has been killing the Paris Fashion Week street style game! It's all in the details in this look and can be easily achieved with a little accessorizing. Parisian style rule number 3: Stick to the classics. When it comes to prints, you'll find the basics like polka dots, herringbone, or plaid. The wide leg pant is definitely trending this season and when paired with a fitted shirt like she has, they won't swallow you whole! We love the subtle balloon sleeve to add some masculinity to an otherwise feminine outfit. But what brings this whole look together is definitely the accessories! Parisian style is classic and timeless, and the accessories are no different. Simple hardwares like barrettes and Danielle's gold hairpiece never go out of style and can really add something chic to your whole look. Never shy away from a belt, scarf, or a hat to make your outfit really pop or give it a little more shape. How would you style polka dots with our latest Blue Crush Jumpsuit? 

blue crush polka dot jumpsuit styled by cote boutique in morehead city nc

Et Voila! You can have the Parisian style of your dreams! Make sure to follow all of our social media accounts to keep up with styling tips, new arrivals, and all the fashion inspo. 

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Bisous xxx,

Abby & Andie 


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Fall Moodboards You will Love

Fall Moodboards You will Love

It's finally October which means it's time for pumpkin everything, chunky sweaters, and corn mazes with the girls! We don't care how "basic" it is to be obsessed with all things Fall, it's hard not to be with the weather changing, the amazing golden hour lighting, and the coziness of curling up with a cup of coffee and a good book. Our clothing, interior design, and schedules are all changing with the season. We at Côte draw inspiration from colors we see in nature, on our explore feeds on Instagram, and the Fashion Week runways to choose styles we think you'll love, put together photo shoot color stories, and pretty much everything else we do here. So we decided to share some colors and trends we love this season with you, as well as give you guys a little something you can keep on your phone to draw inspiration from! Yep, we're giving you guys some new Fall inspired phone wallpapers so you can always have a little piece of Côte with you. And the colors this year are SO. GOOD. 

1. Lavender Mood Board

fall 2018 lavender and crocus petal mood board for cote boutique

We love all things lavender this season, or as Pantone likes to call the specific shade for this season, "crocus petal." We always have lavender out in the store for decoration, and love the way the color pops against our other earthy shades! It's a different color for Fall, but you will undoubtedly be seeing it everywhere, even at Côte! When done right, you won't be looking like you're going out for Easter lunch, the hushed tone of these lavender shades paired with some Fall reds or browns will definitely give you all the cozy vibes. 

Fall reminds us of a lot of things and movies are one of them! Anyone else always think of Mean Girls when the calendar turns to October 3rd? "on October 3rd, he asked me what day it was..." So for our lavender phone wallpaper, we took inspiration from one of the best quotes from Regina George "home schooled huh, but you're like really pretty" .. I won't quote the rest because I'm sure you babes can quote the entire movie like us!

To download the the wallpaper, simply hold and click 'save image'! 

mean girls inspired phone wallpaper made by cote boutique

2. Quetzal Green Mood Board

quetzal green fall 2018 mood board by cote boutique

When you're tired of your usual burgandy color scheme for Fall, quetzal green is a great substitute to switch things up! It's dark and moody just like burgandy, and goes with blacks, browns, and creams, basically all your Fall neutrals. You've already seen this color in our Free People Calico Dress, and expect to see more as it was one of Pantone's Fall/Winter colors of the year! So get ahead of the game and start incorporating this color ASAP. You won't regret it. 

Our Quetzal inspired phone wallpaper is just a friendly reminder for all you boss babes to follow your dreams. Live a life you love, love what you do, and when you're super busy, remind yourself to love life each time you look down at your phone! Hold and hit 'save image' to keep this one. 

quetzal green iphone wallpaper for fall 2018 by cote boutique

3. Valiant Poppy Mood Board

fall 2018 valiant poppy mood board for cote boutique

Whether it's bloggers like Sincerely Jules, Fashion Week runways, or flowers in nature, we have seen this Valiant Poppy shade almost everywhere (and we don't hate it). It's a little more muted than your usual red and did we mention it goes great with the quetzel green? Peep the Elisabetta Franchi runway look above. This red hue also made the Pantone Fall/Winter colors of the year and we are hoping this one sticks around. It's fun, vibrant, and can be toned down when paired with the right shade of brown. 

Our Valiant Poppy phone wallpaper is an homage to all things us girls love for Fall! Because is it really Fall if you don't wear a chenille cardigan while drinking coffee and finding your way through a corn maze? We didn't think so either... fall 2018 valiant poppy iphone wallpaper by cote boutique

We hope you also love our picks for Fall colors we love, or that you learned something about Fall/Winter 2018 trends. We hope that this little glimpse of how we draw inspiration gives you a little insight into how we do things at Côte.. whether it's picking and styling clothes you babes will love, decorating our own houses for the seasons, or just having an creative outlet and getting ideas together. Mood boards are one of our favorite ways to bring ideas to life! Do you guys want to know how we put them together? Let us know, that can be a blog for another day! 

Thanks babes, and make sure to follow all of our social media pages to keep up with new arrivals, trend forecasts, and everything else we like to do here! 

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bisous xxx,

Abby & Andie

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