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Sophie's Notes on Fashion and Styling

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Sophie's Notes on Fashion and Styling

When it comes to styling clothes and making the best fashion choices, the most important thing to remember is to choose what YOU feel most comfortable in. The reason fashion is such a fun, widely loves aspect is because it is a chance to express yourself. Bold leopard prints and colorful stripes may not be for everyone, which is totally fine! However, neutral pieces might not make the cut for some people either, which is also completely acceptable! If you're like me and you love both bright, striking pieces and elegant basics, don't let anything hold you back! Since fashion is my favorite way of self-expression, I change up my fashion sense every single day, which can always be exciting! Fashion never takes a day off!
CONFIDENCE IS KEY! The moment you walk with a little more spice, stand up a little straighter, and enter the room with just a tiny bit more happiness, you immediately make whatever you are wearing a new trend. If you're anything like me,  putting yourself out there is not always easy. The tip I have for that issue is to simply fake it 'til you make it, sister! When you try to fill your head with more positive thoughts, even if you don't believe them at first, trust me, you will! It will also be evident in the way you dress! Even if it feels like you're lying to yourself, so be it! As I said before: FAKE IT 'TIL YOU MAKE IT!
We all have our own fashion icons that we look to for finding inspiration. Whether it be Coco Chanel, Bianca Jagger, or Lady Gaga, we are always being influenced by the people and things around us, so take advantage of it! Anybody who knows me knows that Harry Styles in my fashion inspo! Following different Pinterest boards, fashion websites such as Vogue, and upcoming fashion shows are just a few great ways to stay enlightened on what's next in the fashion world.
But most of all, the one paramount thing to always remember when styling or preparing outfits is to HAVE FUN! Never be scared to experiment with new colors, cuts, and styles. Fashion is a forever-changing industry, and although it may feel hard to keep up, you have the potential to start your OWN trends!
By Sophie Kiluk
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