Happy Tuesday Côte babes! So we asked you guys last week if you would like a hair tutorial of our Missio Products and you guys overwhelmingly said yes! If you don't know about Missio yet, Missio was founded in 2016 by Lorin Van Zandt of Wilmington, NC to inspire and empower a movement of people in the fight against human trafficking. So obviously, we had to be the first in Morehead City to carry these amazing products! In the short year that their products have been launched, Missio has already helped open the first safe house for victims located in Wilmington, NC! You can actually see where your money is going when you purchase Missio, and we are so excited to be part of their growth. 

Who says your beauty products can't also give back?! This is one reason we LOVE Missio. Not only are they helping in the fight against human trafficking, their products are formulated without sulfates or parabens and include all the yummy natural oils we love such as avocado, sunflower seed, jojoba, and coconut! Baobab seed protein helps protect your hair from heat damage and leaves a glossy shine that only strengthens after each use! 

Our two favorite products are the Glossing Conditioner in Luxe Moisture and the Coconut Cleansing Powder! The Glossing Conditioner can be used weekly as a leave-in treatment to help repair damage and give your locks a new shiny do! To start: 

Shampoo and Rinse hair as normal
Apply quarter size amount of Glossing Conditioner mid lengths to ends
Clip up and let sit for 5 minutes
Blow Dry with round brush
Sprinkle Coconut Cleansing Powder to roots for volume
*Be Amazed at the results! 

Here is a before and after of my results, although it does not compare to actually feeling the silkiness that is my hair right now!  

And Close Up:

If your hair doesn't need as much love as mine, there is a Lightweight Moisture available in the Glossing Conditioner as well! All products are available on the website by clicking here!

Have a great week babes! 



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