The year 2020 as a whole has been...... well crazy.  With the world on pause we all found ourselves going into introspective nose dives and digging through all the things causing muck or chaos in our lives.  Some of us are simply looking for a little order in a time that feels out of control.  Wardrobes took a hard hit.  With time on our hands we finally dredged through our closets and gave those pants from 5 years ago, that we love, but haven't comfortably worn for 3 years, a hard look.  We're feeling the weight of the world and simplifying just makes sense.  
When you look at most Capsule Wardrobes they're all very neat and neutral.  They work wonderfully for some, but for the rest of us it's just not realistic.  We need more from our wardrobes, but we still want to be conscious about our choices and lessen the chaos.  


Be BRUTAL!  You have to Marie Kondo the mess out of your closet.  Be honest with yourself about how an item fits and the real probability of you wearing it more than once in a 6 month span.  This can be so difficult!  I can love the idea of an item so much that it's hung in my closet for years having never been worn.  You gotta rehome those pieces.  There are so many ways now to keep your beloved clothes from the dumpster.  Find someone with similar style that you would love to see share in the joy of your favored items.  Second hand consignment shops are everywhere now.  See if you can earn some $$$ for the pieces you need to replace in your wardrobe.  


You've gone through the emotional roller coaster of the Audit.  Now what?  Now it's time to try and define your style.  Don't panic!  This doesn't mean that you have to be one thing (minimal, bohemian, city, etc)  It means that you need to think about the items you love and wear the most.  


1. Start With Your Most Worn Items
If you have a more "eclectic" style like me the idea of "defining" your style can sound daunting.  Don't worry!  We got you!  Start with what you wear the most. Do you rock denim daily or do you have a closet full of trousers?  I'm a denim daily girl, so I went through all my jeans.... some dating back a decade.  I have a serious denim addiction.... and paired everything back to only what fit, was comfortable, and I loved.  What survived gave me a good picture of my day to day  jeans and what styles and fits actually work for me.  Follow this with all your basic everyday items.  Solid Tees, Crewneck Sweaters, any and all of your layering items that are your foundation, but not necessarily your really "expressive" pieces.
2. What Makes You Feel Good?
We've all heard Marie Kondo say "does it spark joy?".  Here comes the hard part.  I have everything from funky Vivienne Westwood style tops to traditional, preppy, ruffled collar button ups.  How on earth do you edit that?!  Start with #1. What do you wear the most? and then how does it make you feel.  You might love that sweater you bought in 2010, but it may not feel like who you are today.  If it feels like it's just filling space then let it go.
This is where you get to have some fun!  After your full audit you may be feeling shocked at all the empty hangers in your closet.  You may be noticing some serious gaps that need to be filled so that what you have remaining can be cohesive and work together.  
I'm not going to lie to you.  Time will be needed to adapt to the sight of having less in your closet.  Odds are you're seeing a few missing necessities to make what's left workable.  This is where you get to have some fun.  Make a list of what you need to make your wardrobe work efficiently.  Maybe it's a white button up to make all your colorful slacks complete or a black motorcycle jacket since you got rid of all your other jackets that just weren't your style.  The goal is to only have what you really love to wear and to make it all work for you.  As you're shopping or thrifting to fill in those gaps be sure to look for quality in the items you bring into your wardrobe.  Be thoughtful about your choices and you can keep it efficient and feel good that you're wearing all of your pieces.

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