2020 has shown us that the world is changing!  We've had time to reflect and educate ourselves on the impact we make on the people in our lives and the world around us.  Concerns for our planet have been a hot topic and it's a well known fact that the fashion industry has been one of the biggest culprits in pollution.  Sustainability is a goal for a great number of designers and there's hope the the rest will get on board.  In the meantime there are some things we can be doing that are just SMART.... meaning they benefit everyone... especially the buyer.
Trends will always come and go, but there are great pieces in your closet that are ripe for an investment.  Yes, you may spend more than you imagined on these items, but the cost per wear makes them completely worth the splurge.  These are your workhorse items.  Pieces that you wear over and over, so buying quality and craftsmanship is important for long term use.
#1. The Blazer
A good tailored blazer is always worth the money!  These lovelies never go out of style.  Fashionable women have rocked these for decades and decades.  Spend your money on a cut that suits your style.  We recommend staying with a traditional styling.  Oversized blazers are trendy, but a classic cut will never fail you.  Look for natural materials and quality construction.  We love the Kenzie blazer for it traditional yet updated tailoring that's flattering on any figure.
#2 Denim
We LOOOVE our denim!  It's something that many of us wear most thanks to modern styles that we can dress up or down.  Why not invest in a pair that fits like a glove and looks better the more you wear them?!  We're big fans of Moussy.  A premium denim that is not only clean, but built to last.  These can take whatever you throw at them and still look fabulous.  Just be sure to invest in the style that you love and wear the most and always be sure that you feel great in them. 
#3 Sweaters
Cozying up in a favorite sweater can heal the soul.  Finding a quality sweater from natural fibers can last a lifetime in your wardrobe!  We love the La Vid pictured here.  The perfect combination of traditional construction that you can style so many ways.  Make it modern with fun pant or quirky with mixed patterns.  This closet staple can take on any expression.  100% Cashmere and great tailoring guarantees we'll have this one on repeat for years to come.
#4 Accessories
 Did we really just throw up a pic of a Rolex?!  Yes we did.  Staple accessories are a great place to invest your money.  You may wear your watch everyday.  Have one that speaks to your personal style and can last as long as you.  Great accessories can also be shopped vintage making the hunt even more exciting.  You can source beautiful and interesting pieces second hand and spend a fraction of the money.  It all comes down to quality when shopping for your core "everyday" items.
#5 A Great Shoe
We're not talking about your date night shoes.  We're talking about your "feel like a boss" wear several times a week shoe.  Some of us are harder on shoes than others, so take this into consideration when shopping, but a good pair of shoes can take you miles.  I personally invest in loafers.  They never go out of style for me and I tend to wear these often, but not in situations where I'll be excessively hard on them.  
You don't require a specific style to be able to invest in your wardrobe.  The goal is to buy better so you can buy less.  You may spend more on the purchase, but (as a big believer in cost per wear) you get so much more for your money in the end and you create less waste because these won't wear out near as fast as other cheaper purchases.


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