How many of you babes are taking the correct steps to help you refuel for your week? Are you giving 100% every week or are you finding yourself in a rut, stuck, sluggish, even depressed? We have ALL been there and there can be many reasons that you could be feeling this way. Poor diet, lack of exercise, and even mental disorders can be a big reason for this, but another one could be that we aren't truly taking time for ourselves and focusing on what WE need. A lot of us boss babes, boss mommas, and the like are so focused on giving everything we have to our loved ones, businesses, etc that we aren't taking the time to "refill our cup." 

Self Care can be a broad term you've heard from reading self help articles on the internet but what does it really mean? In order to be really in tune with our bodies, we need to learn what is best for us. Be able to learn when you're taking too much on, when you need a "mental health day" to keep your sanity. There are so many small steps you can make, even if for only 3 minutes a day, that can change the entire course of your day, week, month, and so on! 

We've come up with our 5 favorite ways to do what we call "Self Care Sunday!" Every Sunday, when your weekend is coming to a close and you're gearing up for another busy week, take some time for yourself. Pamper or "treat yourself" to something that will start your week on a high note! 

1. Take a yoga class 

We know everyone doesn't have time to head to the studio for an hour long class, but that's what YouTube is for! If you can't find it in your schedule to make a class, set up an in home studio complete with candles and music and turn on your laptop and get to stretching! Tons of free yoga classes are available online, our favorite is Yoga with Adriene! Even 10 minutes of stretching can turn your day around!

2. Do a Face or Hair Mask

We love a good face mask to feel fresh and clean after a long week! Right now, our favorite is the Glam Glow Supermud Mask! A charcoal mask with tiny eucalyptus leaves, your skin feels sooooo good after taking it off! Or try a sheet mask for an easy, mess-free option! Another great way to #treatyourself is by getting in a bath with a good hair mask and maybe some bath bombs. Right now we're using the Moroccan Gold Series Treatment Mask once a week and it makes your hair super soft and shiny! It helps to replenish and rejuvenate damaged hair caused by climate change (hello crazy hot/cold winter weather!) We're definitely fans! 

3. Take a walk

And no it doesn't have to be stroll on the beach, but it helps! Throw on your headphones and listen to a new podcast or your favorite album and take a 10 minute walk (or longer if you have time!) Walks are perfect for spending some alone time with yourself and either be entertained by a podcast or really do some thinking. 

4. Take a Nap

When your to do list starts to get overwhelming and all you want to do is take a nap, do it! Everything can wait for 30 minutes. Put on your silk eye mask, get into bed (or on your couch) and sleep, maybe listen to the Calm App or some some nature noises to help you get in the mood. Make sure to hydrate and drink plenty of water or you'll wake up feeling groggy and gross. We love a good nap, especially on a Sunday after a quick yoga session and dog walk! 

5. Plan a Date Night

Self care could mean connecting with the ones you love most and haven't seen in a while. So plan a fun date night for bae or with your best girlfriend. Make time for those that are most important to you and actually have a conversation. We love activities where you can actually talk to get to know each other. Mini golf is perfect in the summer because it's fun and intimate, where in the winter a bowling alley or skate rink works just fine! 

How are you going to self care this Sunday? Let us know in the comments! 


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