Happy Sunday babes! Christmas is rapidly approaching and we’re dropping Part II of our holiday gift guide, accessories edition! We know how hard it is to get that special something for everyone on your list, so whether you need stocking stuffers, gifts with purpose, or a gift card so she can pick it out herself, we’ve got you covered! 

1. Plaid Tidings Scarf - A red and cream square blanket scarf to keep your loved ones warm this season! Everyone loves a good scarf they can double as a blanket.. perfect to gift with gloves, socks, and a crochet knit headband to match! See #2 ;) 

2. Crochet Knit Headband - for when you want a cute ponytail but need your ears covered up! Perfect for the friend that is always on the go and needs something small to throw on her ears after a workout. Also available in Teal! It’s a great color for any Panthers fans you have in your life. 

3. Adella Bralette - the cute Bralette everyone is wearing right now makes the perfect gift for your trendy BFF. If she’s not sure how to style it, tell her to check out our IGTV video showing our 3 favorite tops to pair with it! 

4. Burgundy Velvet Scrunchie - for your bestie that wants a little more volume in her ponytails! The scrunchie is perfect to throw into a hair care gifting kit paired with our styling spray or dry shampoo! 

5. Jasmine Necklace - the gift for mom or mother in law.. or any woman in your life that loves a statement necklace! All our necklaces are handmade by survivors of human trafficking and come with a signed tag so you know who made it for you! Each piece of jewelry also comes with care instructions and an insert on the organization so you can give with purpose this year. 

6. Black Floral Silk Scarf - a cute stocking stuffer or for the girl that likes to try new things! Silk scarves are so versatile to wear in your hair, around your neck, or as an added accessory to your favorite bag! Still unsure how to style this one? Check out our Story highlights to see exactly how we wear this one.

7 Gift Card - for the indecisive friend that’s impossible to shop for. Gift her a gift card so that she can pick out her own gifts this year! There’s no limit on how much you can gift and there’s no expiration dates! 


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