We are so excited to share with you babes today the women who inspire us and the women we follow on the DAILY. No joke. We're all up in their business (what they share of it) and you should be too! We love to follow fashion bloggers because while we do get inspiration from the fashion week runways, we also love to see the fashions of everyday women. While all of these women are different, they have captivated us with their personalities and their realness on the 'gram, because that's so hard to find these days. From their stages of life to their fashion styles, there's something for everyone here today! So here it is.. Our Top 5 choices for bloggers you may not be following, but need to be! Like, yesterday. 

1. Mireille (pronounced Mir-ay) of City Peach

city peach

Mireille is a fashion blogger and mommy of 2 in Atlanta, Georgia and she is one we have followed since before we even opened Côte. We've gotten to see her grow from the beginning and we're not surprised with how successful she's become because her fashion really is her art! Fun Fact, Mireille was one of Andie's managers at her high school job at Abercrombie at Southpark Mall! So we may be a little biased, but she really is awesome, and her 102K followers on Instagram I'm sure can tell you that as well.  

Not only has she made blogging her full time job, she is also the stylist for the AtlantaMart Show which, if you're in the boutique world, is a huge deal!! She knows all of the trends before they even hit the runways and knows how to make them work for real life! Definitely check out her style. She is an expert in mixing investment pieces with more affordable items so you will always have something new in your closet! She's not afraid to go bold with her style choices and we've been loving her red and pink color blocking for Fashion Week, you may recognize her from some of our street style trends in our IG Stories! But honestly, she was into this red and pink color blocking like last year, in case you need proof that she knows what she's talking about! 

She is always engaging with her audience on her IG stories, and ALWAYS responds to DM's even with over 100K followers! Like what?! She shows what real mom life is like when her toddlers are throwing tantrums, and that blogging life isn't all as glamorous as people make it out to be. From dragging rolling racks throughout parking lots for styling shows, to being car sick while riding around in NYC cabs (we've all been there girl!) during Fashion Week, she shows it all! 

So if you love fashion, wardrobe styling, and mom life, Mireille is someone you will absolutely LOVE like we do! 

2. Jacey Duprie of Damsel in Dior

damsel in dior

Jacey is a mama to be based out of California with a classic style and realness that we have fallen in love with. We found her earlier this year (through our photographer) and have been non stop obsessing over her style since! She is currently sharing her pregnancy journey and styling her cute bump giving us all the maternity style inspo. We love her neutral color palettes with subtle florals and her shoe collection is to DIE for! Jacey's style is on the higher end side, but we're just living through her for now and dreaming of all the designer fashion! Her page is an amazing curation of fashion, home decor, and travel. 

Not sure how much she will be traveling once 'le bèbè' is born, but she does travel a lot with her husband and we love following all the places! She recently attended Paris Fashion Week where her blazer and coat game was on point! Now she's on to Positano, Italy and she is giving us all the FOMO. Her blog and IG feed are really a designer's dream, they're so aesthetically pleasing to the eye and she opens up about so many parts of her life whether it's pregnancy, home decor, or botox! She's honest, and that's why we love her. 

If high end fashion is your thing, give her a follow! Her entire feed is just #goals. 

3. Sivan Ayla Richards

sivan ayla richards

Sivan is a brand new mommy out of California as well. Her newborn, Capri, named after her and her husband's favorite place, is so adorable! Even with a newborn, her style game is strong and her skin and beauty regimen is to die. Her Instagram bio even describes her blog as 'Real + True Content' and we can vouch for her on that one! She opens up about her double chin (and the beauty tools she uses to beat it), her post pregnancy body, and her marriage with her husband, Paul. They've even started a series where Paul gives relationship advice because their audience just loves their dynamic. 

Sivan is an Instagram worthy doughnut maker, nail polish connoisseur (she has her own line!), and rosé drinker (when she's not pregnant). Their life might seem a lot more glamorous than the average, but she is so relatable that we have fallen in love with her. She's outspoken and needy, gorgeous with and without makeup, and so close with her family (we follow all her sisters as well..) 

Sivan's style is a mix of affordable and higher end. Her pregnancy style was an array of body-con dresses for showing off her bump, and now post-baby she's seen in long flowy dresses and robes.. Jeans may start to fit her next week, she says! We can't wait to see how her mommy style evolves, give her a follow! She is guaranteed to inspire. 

4. Andrea Besson

andrea marie besson

Andrea is a local to Charlotte, NC now currently residing in Raleigh, NC of the blog Dre Dream. So obviously we had to follow her for the matching home towns and namesake! She's planning her wedding with her adorable fiancé Taylor and they are literal #couplegoals, I meeeean we get serious Ken and Barbie vibes from them! Pretty sure Ken is even his nickname. 

Andrea opens up about being a C+ blogger (lol!) and more real things like her mental health. Her latest blog post goes into detail about her struggle with depression and moving away, traveling, etc. She seems so sweet and is one of those people where if you follow her stories, you feel like her best friend! I mean, if I ever saw her out in Raleigh, I'd probably go up and start talking to her without even thinking! She's that cool.

Her style is super affordable too! She is definitely more casual with a lot of sweaters, cardigans, and she can rock a mini skirt! She's so cute, honest, and real with her audience. She shows off her mediocre cooking skills, her fitness regimen, and has even showed her emotional breakdowns on her IG stories. It's refreshing to see a blogger without a filter, without a perfectly decorated house (she moved months ago and still hasn't finished unpacking her car lol), and just shoot it straight with her audience. So if you need a breath of fresh air on your feed, Andrea is the girl for you! 

5. Kathleen Barnes

carrie bradshaw lied

Kathleen Barnes is a Mississippi native currently living in San Francisco with her husband. She often gets confused for Carrie due to her blog name, Carrie Bradshaw Lied. Which she started after college when she realized post-grad life wasn't at all as glamorous as the Sex and the City women made it out to be! (we feel ya Kathleen!) She would style her sorority sisters at Ole Miss and after graduation and moving, Kathleen would still get texts from girls for fashion advice, so the blog was born! 

She's also a mix of high end fashion and more affordable pieces, but her style is simple and classic with pops of texture and pattern. Think belted blazers, midi skirts, and pops of lipstick! She always links her lip colors too, so you can easily recreate her looks! Kathleen is a southern gem living in the big city and her personality is hilarious! For one, she made a resume for her yellow lab when they were house hunting in SF, which is apparently a thing when moving to a city like that! She also has a stroller for her 3 legged cat so she wouldn't have to miss out on family walks.. so obviously we relate to the animal lover in her. 

We love watching her IG stories not only for her amazing style, but also for her hilarious obsession with the real housewives and carbs (duh!). So, go to her blog, watch her styling videos, and get to know her, you will not regret it! 

Bisous xxx,

Abby & Andie 


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