It's happened to every girl, bae gives you a call "be there in 5," he {or she} says, "we're going out." Whether it's your girls ready to throw down some margaritas or your man ready to wine and dine you, you're freaking out! How can any girl possibly be ready in that amount of time? Luckily for you, you have your Côte. We have the hacks ready for when that surprise date night comes calling...

First: the Perfect Outfit. 

girl wearing show me your mumu wilson tie top and sage the label real love wrap skirt
Show Me Your Mumu Wilson Tie Top
Sage the Label Real Love Wrap Skirt

Mixing up an everyday item with something eye catching is KEY in date night attire. So your everyday tied up white tee not only goes with your favorite pair of jeans, on date night, it goes with a maxi skirt. Our Real Love maxi to be exact. It's pink, flirty, flows in all the right places with a gorgeous slit up the side. It's the one for you when you're in a pinch because it will steal all of the attention. No need for a wicked cat eye (because who has time for that..?) or red lips in this one! 

Second: Accessories

girl in car putting in purpose jewelry shimmer hoop earrings
Purpose Jewelry Shimmer Hoop Earrings

Simple accessories are the trick for when your outfit needs to be the center of attention. A pair of silver hoops is perfect! You can even throw these babies in your purse and wear them last minute before stuffing your face with whatever bae is treating you to. 

Third: the Hair

girl in car using missio coconut cleansing powder on hair
Missio Hair Coconut Cleansing Powder

No one has time to wash and style their hair in 5 minutes, so the answer to the grease ball on your head right now? Dry Shampoo. You can even do this ON THE WAY to the date because it's so easy. Simply spray the powder on those greasy roots and let the coconut, grapefruit, and mint yummy-ness soak up all that oil. Not only will your hair have that just-clean volume, it will smell amaaazing. Like you just got out of the shower, because that's what you'll tell everyone anyway. 

Now when bae pulls up you can give a little side eye like "what took you so long..." What are your favorite hacks for getting ready in a pinch? Let us know in the comments! 


bisous babes, 

Andie & Abby



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