Layn (back) and Madison (front) recently graduated from WCHS with honors! 
This month we are highlighting TWO babes who have accomplished so much in the past 4 years, Madison and Layn! You have seen their gorgeous photos all over our Instagram and website, but what you don't know is that these ladies have some serious brains to go behind that beauty!! They have set some high goals for their futures and we want to support them throughout their entire journey! 
Madison graduated with honors from the National Honors Society, National Technical Honors Society, and with the Presidential Award for Excellence! Madison is attending Meredith College in the Fall and majoring in Biology. She has goals to graduate in 4 years and head to NC State's graduate program for veterinarians, and eventually, she wants to become a veterinarian for exotic animals or work in the seal/marine life rehabilitation out in California! Get it girl! 
Layn graduated with honors from the National Honor Society, with the Presidential Award for Excellence, and the Academic Achievement Award! Layn is attending UNC in the Fall where she will double major in Film/Media and Sociology. She loves to act (she goes all the way to Wilmington for acting classes, get ready to see her in some films!), but she is also passionate about bettering society, and thinks a career in Law would be a great way to do that! She has set goals that in 5 years she will be making a positive difference in some way and living in New York City! 
We are so proud of you babes! Don't forget about us when you're off saving the world! :) 
bisous babes, xoxo
Abby & Andie

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