As the Summer season approaches here at the beach, it is a BUSY time of the year. With tourists coming and going, summer events like Big Rock and Alive at Five, and beach days upon beach days, it can be hard to even take a breath. We know how important self care is especially during the most stressful days, so we've shared an article with you guys on '7 Small but Powerful Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice'. We hope you enjoy! As a thank you for being a dedicated Babe, we are giving you 30% off all orders today with the code SUMMERSOL

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by: Christina Perez

It is the longest day and the shortest night of the year, the beginning of summer, and an annual event steeped in mystical tradition. “The summer solstice is honored in several ancient cultures as the union between heaven and earth,” explains Brooklyn-based energy healer Emily Mikaelah. “As we emerge out of the spring—where we were in a period of renewal, birthing new ideas, and shedding the icy layers of the shadow months—we slowly grow into summer, a time of manifestation and the ripening of the fruit.” So, while the extra daylight hours may seem like an excellent excuse to indulge in an extra Aperol spritz or two, remember that it’s an even better time to set intentions and make goals for the rest of the year. Here, a handful of experts share some favorite small rituals for doing just that.

Cast a Spell
Lisa Lister, a third-generation witch, recommends this spell for protection, healing, empowering, and revitalizing: Create a pouch for psychic dreams; put mugwort [a visionary herb] and bay leaves [often associated with the sun] in a piece of yellow material [the color of the sun]; sew it up with red thread [the color of action and fire]; and place it under your pillow. “This is one of my Nanna’s spells,” she says. “I know this one works. I’ve done it myself, and I still do it.”

Rise Early
Watching the sun come up is a powerful reminder of nature’s cycles—the ones we so often take for granted. “Wake up early with the sun. Watch her rise,” recommends Lisa Levine of the Brooklyn healing center Maha Rose. “When the sun is low in the sky, you can stare into her. Fill your eyes and your body with her light.”

Make a Solar Elixir
Traditionally, elderflowers are associated with the summer solstice as they are in the peak bloom in many parts of the world around late June. Some pagan traditions recommend creating a cordial with elderflowers or a cocktail infused with the petals. Alternatively, you could create a soothing a elixir with chamomile, as recommended by the team at New York’s Alchemist's Kitchen: Brew chamomile tea and add a dash of cinnamon and ginger. The cool the tea and serve over ice, if desired. The team also recommends adding a couple of drops of Oil of Gold “to really make it magical.”

Express Gratitude
“Give thanks for the sun, for the light of the sun, for the life that comes from the sun,” recommends Levine. “Write the sun a love letter: ‘Thank you, light, for the life you give to the plants, the animals, and to me.” Next, show gratitude to yourself, too. “Take the time to honor your own inner light and it’s expansion over your shadows, and hold gratitude for your recent journey,” advises Mikaelah. “Remembering that honoring the quiet times of transition in between is just as valuable to our self-care as doing the work, and that not every flower in the garden blooms at the same time.”

Check In With Yourself
Mikaelah also says that the solstice is a chance to reflect on projects or ideas that have been sizzling in the pot since spring. “Energetically, it’s a great time for a check-in. Take the time to ask yourself, ‘What progress has been made on my dreams?’ and ‘Have I been doing my part to make them come into fruition?’ The fruit is ripening soon, and we want to pick it off the branch when it’s at its peak.”

Host a Gathering

But instead of your usual booze-fueled summer soiree, this one should be powered by your own energy. “Keep it high-vibration. Don’t mix alcohol or drugs with crystals and meditation. They don’t really go together,” says Levine. “If you are going to get high through intention and ceremony, stick to that high. A summer solstice gathering is different than a party. If you want to serve something, serve chocolate and kombucha.”

Unleash Your Spirit
“The summer solstice is our annual opportunity to take advantage of the abundance of light that can help us release burdens, doubts, and fears, so we can become just a little freer,” explains Kim Krans of The Wild Unknown. “The most basic way to honor the sun is to be in it—soak it up, sing, dance, or create,” Krans says. Mikaelah agrees: “This is a great time of year to dive into your inner child: Does it have any messages of wisdom for you? Perhaps a reminder to never lose sight of the magic in each day. And my personal favorite message: Remember to play.”

And when the sun finally goes down? “Dance some more and celebrate the light,” Levine says.

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