Abby and Andie's Holiday Picks

If you didn't already know from following us on social media, we (Abby & Andie, founders of Côte), are complete opposites! Not just in style, although that can cross over at times, but personality wise as well. Abby is a self described extra-vert, which means you will see her out on Saturday nights with all her girlfriends living it up, and probably wearing her Côte dresses, tops, and jackets while strolling the boadwalks of Beaufort. Andie on the other hand is the definition of an introvert which means she will usually be found on the couch on Saturday nights recharging with her dogs, Netflix, and a cup of hot tea. Luckily, there's Côte sweaters and basics for that too. So now that it's officially party season, one of two feelings are happening. You're either like Abby and super excited to dress up and hang out with all your old friends, coworkers, etc. or you're like Andie dreading the thought of having forced socialization and having to leave your house (and your dogs) for a night. You babes are in luck, because you get the best of both worlds! We've rounded up our favorite pieces for the holidays, so whether you like to go out and sparkle or stay in by the fireplace, we have picks for everyone! 

Abby's Party Picks:

1. Let's Groove Tank Top 

It's no surprise that I love a good party. And, what goes better with a party than sequins and shimmer? I'm absolutely obsessed with our new Let's Groove Tank Top from Free People. This sexy little party tank features gold metallic sequins with a black velvet lined halter and tie back. This will 100% be your go-to item for New Year's Eve! 

Abby's suggested pairings: Modern Femme Skirt, black tights, heels, and a glass of champagne.  

2. Monaco Metallic Mini Dress

Another great shimmer piece for the holidays is our Monaco Metallic Mini. The red with hints of metallic silver give off the perfect color combination for party season. This body-hugging dress also features a scoop back for a little extra sexiness. 

Abby's suggested pairings: Pumpkin Spice Faux Fur and over the knee boots. Midnight kiss recommended but not included. 

3. Bianca Jumpsuit

My last pick for the holiday party season is the our blushing Bianca Jumpsuit. The satin-like chiffon material gives the illusion of pure shimmer! I love the plunging ruffle neckline AND it has pockets!! Say no more babes. 

Abby's suggested pairings: A leather Jacket, plunging Brenn Necklace, and a couple Painkillers from the Rhum Bar. 

Andie's Cozy Picks: 

1. Rock the Boat Long Sleeve 

You know those shirts that are so soft that you put it on as soon as you get home, wear it to bed, and then probably wear it again the next day because you just don't want to take it off? Well, the Rock the Boat tee from Free People is actually that. It makes hot cocoa taste better, the couch seem comfier, and people don't know that you've worn it 2 days in a row now. It's a win in my book for this cold rainy weather we've been having lately! 

Andie's suggested pairing: pajama shorts, wool socks, and a golden retriever on your lap. 

2. Pumpkin Spice Faux Fur

This one you can actually wear out of the house, I had to put one on here! I love this coat because it feels as if you're wearing a blanket anyway. So when you absolutely have to leave the house and attend a holiday party (that you'll leave early from if we're being honest) you can throw this on and stay cozy all night! The color and fabric stands out on it's own, so no need to put any effort into your hair or makeup when you wear this one! 

Andie's suggested pairings: your trusty LBD, that one comfy pair of heels you own, and a glass of red wine you can sip on and leave when it's empty. 

3. Goulding Jumpsuit

Okay this one is actually like wearing PJ's because it's literally a spandex jumpsuit. It stretches, it's comfy, it has cute buttons to make it look like you're trying. But honestly, you can wear this one for NYE with some sparkly accessories and then you can go straight to your couch and finish the countdown (because, we're not staying out until midnight, that's just crazy!) 

Andie's suggested pairing: A white tee, dr. marten's, and your 9pm champagne toast so you can watch the ball drop from home, if you can stay up that late. 

So there you have it babes. Picks for the extra-vert who will be out past midnight on NYE because that's when the party's just getting started AND the introvert who will be home early and may or may not be asleep when the new year rolls around! Which one are you? Let us know in the comments! 

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