Hey Cote babes, so since you all were so interested in how to use oils and our oily journey as part of our healthy lifestyle here at Cote, I've put together a "Day in the Oily Life" post for you guys! Keep in mind, this is my personal routine, and there are SO many other oils and uses out there and I'd love to speak with any of you that have specific questions or concerns to incorporate the right oils into your daily routine! I've broken the post up into Morning, Afternoon, and Night routines to give you an idea of a normal day: 


In the early morning when the streets are still quiet, doing a meditation and yoga practice is the best way to start my day! These two oils have brought an entirely new level to my practice. I diffuse Sacred Frankincense in my living room and apply to my wrists and bottoms of my feet so I can absorb all the goodness that is Frankincense. This is hands down my favorite oil for so many things. Frankincense helps me with feeling grounded and get out of my head so I can focus on my practice. As a yoga instructor, it is important for me to keep up with my own practice so that I may serve others and this is usually my main focus when doing yoga. Whether I'm doing a 5 min stretch or an hour of flow, I always have this one by my side. It's also GREAT for skin, so this is also a must in my night time facial oil. 

Cool Azul is a refreshing blend of oils including Wintergreen and Peppermint for a muscle cool down after a yoga session. As you can see, I have diluted this one into a 10ml roller ball (10 drops oil, fill with carrier oil). This blend is great for rolling over my sore muscles. The cool blend is so energizing and I love the way my muscles feel after rubbing it in! 

Next is my daily 2oz shot of Ningxia Red and Copaiba. Ningxia Red is a daily supplement that contains wolfberries, blueberries, aronia, cherry, pomegranate, plum juices, and citrus essential oils. For more than 700 years, Ningxia wolfberres (or goji berries) have earned a reputation for being rich in nutritional value. I love this supplement for keeping my energy up throughout the day and I add a drop of Copaiba for overall wellness support. Copaiba is made from the resin of Copaiba tree native to Brazil. Copaiba has beta-carophyllene which helps the body respond to natural irritants and is good for supporting other oils. Adding a drop of Copaiba to another oil (say Cool Azul for muscles) just gives you a stronger effect. This routine is more for overall immune support for me especially during the winter! 


Now if you've ever visited our store, you'll know we diffuse oils throughout the day! This will change daily based on our needs and what we're into at the moment. But 2 oils I cannot live without for that afternoon slump are Joy and En-R-Gee! The names are pretty self explanatory (thanks Young Living!) Joy is a floral blend of Rose, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, and citrus oils for a truly uplifting scent. This one is usually the one I grab to rub on my wrists for perfume and the scent alone just makes me happy. En-R-Gee has a more spicy scent and is a blend of Rosemary, Juniper, Lemongrass, Black Pepper and other woodsy oils. This one does exactly what it says. I rub this one on my forearms to give me a little boost throughout the day! I usually go with one or the other since they are so opposite in smell, it depends on what I'm needing that day! 



This blend is actually a morning and night application during winter, but I cannot live without this one! These 5 oils, Peppermint, Thieves, Copaiba, RC, and Lavender are a great blend for Immune Support. I've put 10-15 drops each in a 10ml roller bottle and filled with a carrier oil. I rub this on the bottoms of my feet (fun fact: most of our pores are on the bottoms of our feet so it's a great place for our bodies to absorb the oily goodness). So far I've stayed above the wellness line this year, and I will use Thieves alone on my hands after visits to the gas station, grocery store, literally any public space! Side note: All 5 of these oils are included in the Young Living Starter Kit! 

Lastly, I rub Raven on my chest for breathing support before bed. Think of it like a natural vapor rub, the eucalyptus and wintergreen blend provides a cooling sensation that feels so good! I also diffuse Lavender every night! It creates a calming atmosphere and I will sometimes add another oil based on what I'm feeling. I recently have been diffusing White Angelica with it which if you follow our Instagram (if not, why aren't you?!) you'll know it brought up some crazy dreams dealing with my biggest fears. White Angelica is an oil for trauma support, so if you need to work through some things, it's a great oil to bring your bottled up emotions to surface so you can deal! It was very eye opening for me because I realized most of my fears come from a place of losing control. My Yellow/Green personality does not like leaving things up to chance! But now that I know where my fears are coming from, I can deal with them! Guys, it's so important to be in tune with your body and be able to control/redirect your thoughts because when you let negativity in and linger, it affects everything, even your health! This is why we use oils and why we like to share them with you all! We are big believers in having a positive mindset when it comes to business, life, and personal goals. When you start saying positive things to yourself, you begin to believe it and things start to happen! So what good thing can you say to yourself today? 

If anyone has any questions on these oils or oils in general, please send us a message or email! We are holding an oily 101 class at our store Tuesday, Feb 27th to go over the Young Living Starter Kit and give you a more in depth tutorial on the oily lifestyle! I could have made this post go on forever, but I'll keep it short and sweet for now. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on all things Cote! 

Merci Cote babes




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