When you're "balling on a budget" like the rest of us here, you have to decide which items to invest in, and which to splurge on. Luckily, there's easy ways to always make your style look more expensive, even if it may not be! We put together our FIVE ways to always make sure you are looking on point (even if you didn't spend that much!) 

1. Add a Silk Scarf

This. A nice scarf will always give you serious style points, and with so many ways to style them, you'll always look like you're wearing something new! Tie it in your hair as a chic accessory, then around your neck if it starts to get a little chilly when night falls. These will run you less than $20, and make you look like a million, so you can never go wrong! 

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2. Add some structure

Something like a structured bag, or even a top with some shape to it will instantly boost your outfit, even if you're wearing jeans and $20 sandals (this is us...) Our favorite luxe fabric is Linen for Spring and Summer, but when Fall comes around we love a velvet or silk mixed with a chunky knit. Silk tanks can be super affordable if you’re shopping at the right places and always look way more luxurious than they really are! Luckily, they’re trending this year so not only will we have an option or two, you’ll be able to find them everywhere! As for structured bags, choose a fabric like velvet or faux leather with a boxy or circular shape to draw attention. Then the rest of your outfit can be a tucked in tee with jeans! We've included some of our affordable options for you that we love! The wicker and bucket bag trends are our favorite right now. 


3. Button Downs go a long way

There’s something so chic about a Button Down! You can always tuck it into jeans for a casual look or throw it under a blazer to go more classic. Whether you’re into the simple cotton style or adding some details like lace or crochet, a button down is a great way to always look chic (and more expensive)! 


4. Find a Tailor

A tailor can be magical for your wardrobe! They can make your items look like they were made specifically for you and highlight your best assets! The extra expense is so worth it to look your best. Research good ones in your area and find one that fits your needs, you will not regret it. 

5. Monochromatic or Colorblocked looks

One way to always look chic is to channel this new monochromatic trend we’re seeing everywhere! We love the look of our white Paperbag pants with a white blouse or graphic tee. Stick with neutrals until you’re comfortable and then go for a bold color like red or lavender! There’s lots of two piece sets out there right now like our No Excuses Set, but matching neutrals is super easy! Here’s our faves: 

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